Our Team

MK Consultus has a unique combination of people who are collaborative, resilient and firm. Our specialists are the very best in each of their chosen fields, mostly multidisciplinary and are all regarded as leading professionals in their disciplines. Whether acting as quantity surveyors, ADR expert, planners and project managers, the role of MK Consultus is to provide substantiated and reasoned advice.

We work as a team to provide the very best client experience and pride ourselves on providing the very best client satisfaction experience. In addition, we work through a group of associates and partner companies to provide a wider area of specializations to cover the most common areas of Construction Project. However large and complex a situation is, MK Consultus has someone with the necessary expertise to tackle it, supported by the knowledge of colleagues, who are also recognized experts in their own disciplines.

MK Consultus has entered in strategic partnerships with globally recognised organisations to increase its capacity and service offerings. LMS combine a multidisciplinary approach with great attention to the quality and promptness of the legal services offered, especially international commercial and investment arbitration. While Currie & Brown is an asset management and construction consultancy driven by innovation.


Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid

Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid is a Partner of MK Consultus LLP and works as a counsel, arbitrator & adjudicator.

Nasir Khan

Nasir is a Co-founder of MKConsultus, specializing in all aspects of construction and engineering projects. 

Our Panelist


Tommy has more than 12 years of experience working in the construction industry.


Fahad Hasan has 13 years of experience in planning, forensic planning and dispute resolution services. 


Nawaz is an exceptionally well-qualified and experienced Senior Engineer Projects Director & Principal Quality Assurance Consultant.


Sheila Bates is a mediator, facilitator and coach with over 25 years’ experience in international business, working in Banking, ICT, automotive.

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